Brow Jam
  • Lamination on the go! This product is amazing for giving you that freshly laminated look. This soap based product comes from the UK and is vegan and cruelty-free! You can achieve a strong hold, or a lighter gel-like finish to keep your brows in place all. day. long.


    *Purchase includes a spray bottle and two eyebrow spoolies for application.


    Full & Spray
    Fill the pump with water then begin by spraying the spoolie first so that it’s a bit damp. This will help to loosen up the product and make it easier to place on the brows.

    Rub the spoolie on the product making sure you have just enough product on there. 

    Fluff it up
    Comb wand through brows in an upward motion, to give you the ultimate brow fluff you have always dreamed of. 

    "Hey Siri, set a timer for 60 secs" 
    Allow the soap to dry before applying any additional make-up products.



    Brow Jam